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  1. Autentic Adorabil Andrei is focused on creating Embroidered Orthodox Icons.
    We have a large library of Icons.
    The Icons come in three standard sizes. The size correspond to the A4, A5, and A6 paper size.
    In addition to Icons we do a few artistic pieces. We will put them up in the coming days.
    We have business that depend on us for uniforms with their logo and employees name.
    We are on facebook at autentic adorabil.

  2. Our new Pillow Icon of Saint Filoteia of Arges is now available in the Icoane section.
    There are two pillows available.
    One is 20cm X 15cm with a current price of 170 RON plus transport ramburs
    One is 15cm X 10cm with a current price of 140 RON plus transport ramburs

  3. Some may question why we have decided to produce and offer Icons to individuals not exclusively to churches. We have decided to put our efforts in to producing a large variety of Icons of individual saints. The Church speaks of Icons as being windows into heaven. Perhaps portal would be a better modern word.
    At baptism every Orthodox Christian is give a patron Saint and a guardian Angel. We are given a Saint to befriend and energize them in the whole of our lives. An Icon of your Saint opens a path for the Saint to effectively interact with the Christian. The Saint will pray for us and as needed and appropriate carry God’s intervention in our lives.

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